Partners Roundtable

The Partners Roundtable is a group of expert advisors composed of retailers, manufacturers, consumer representatives and other stakeholders to support digital solutions in the Digi-Label project.

The Partners Roundtable serves as an advisory panel the Digi-label project, affording stakeholders from the retail, manufacturing, consumer and other key stakeholder groups an opportunity to participate in and contribute to the work of the Digi-label project. The objectives of the Partners Roundtable are to:

  • Provide a platform for capacity building activities;
  • Share best practices on digital labelling;
  • Accelerate market adoption of digital labelling; and
  • Offer recommendations and input on Digi-Label project activities, including the development of “PocketWatt”, our digital solution.

The Partners Roundtable provides expert advice on questions crucial to the success and impact of the project, such as the design of the digital solution, what aspects should be tested and what type of information should be offered to consumers?

Membership is not binding – new members are welcome to join and are free to leave the Roundtable at any point.


The Roundtable will convene periodically, with the first meeting of the Roundtable taking place in person and subsequent meetings via conference call.  The Roundtable meetings are facilitated by CLASP, who are coordinating communications and preparing and circulating meeting material and consultative questions. 


  • The PocketWatt Tool – The Updated Tool and Translations
  • Update on The Roll-out Across Our Five Countries
  • Communication Materials and Collateral
  • Linking to the Energy Labelling Directive and Product Registry Database
  • Closing Remarks or Discussion from the Roundtable


  • 28 June 2018 - meeting via conference call at 10h00 Brussels time.
    • Click for a copy of the Meeting Agenda from this webinar
    • Click for a copy of the Meeting Minutes from this webinar
    • Click for a copy of the Meeting Slides from this call, which covered:
      • Update on The Roll-out Across Our Five Countries
      • Retailer Support Materials Update
      •  Communications Update
      • PocketWatt Tool – User Interface Questions
      • Partners Roundtable Admin and Celebrity Endorsement


  • 26 March 2019 - Final Meeting of the Digi-Label / PocketWatt Project Team in Brussels
    • Click for a copy of the Meeting Agenda for this event
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    • The following topics will be discussed / presented on 26 March:
      • Project Overview and Summary of Goals
      • PocketWatt in the Field - Implementation at the National Level
      • Digi-Label Tool - Project Impact and Evaluation
      • Lessons Learned and Recommendations
      • PocketWatt: Facilitating Access to the EPREL Database
      • Panel Discussion: PocketWatt, EPREL and Creating an Efficient Future